Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about our products

I had used Immu-PRO on and off for 5 years. It was apparent that I was getting benefit, but with so many variables in farming, I would attribute it to different inputs, management issues or situations. Immu-PRO has repeatedly improved the dairy and I am now convinced. I will not be going off of the product again!

I called Mark in the spring of 2011 since we were having some cell count problems.

• Within two weeks we dropped 200,000 on our SCC.
• During this hot summer we noticed that our herd stayed on feed much better.

Immu-PRO is a good product at an economical price.

We milk several breeds, all registered, in Green County Wisconsin. I use the double dose of Immu-PRO as it is easily worth the price.

• I have used at least 5 of the breeding improvement products from major manufacturers. Nothing has caused improvements.
• While we run about 23,000 lbs including the colored cows, you can only wipe your hinder with a piece of paper, if I can breed them at 45 days, I do it.

This stuff really works.

We’ve been using Immu-PRO for 5 years and are very happy with what we’ve seen with our herd. We plan on using this product into the future on our dairy, as we continue to grow and strive to improve. Benefits we have seen using Immu-PRO are:

• Feeding Immu-PRO is easy to do, no extra labor involved.
• It is completely beneficial, no side effects.
• I highly recommend using it.


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