Immuno-Dynamics, Inc. has funded many field trials and research projects with over one dozen major universities.

Their findings were multiple and included:Products Available From Immuno-Dynamics, Inc.

  • Increase in number of red and white blood cells circulating in the blood stream
  • Thymus Alpha 1 and B 4 presence in large quantities
  • Increase in lymphocytic blastogenesis with the effects for 15-17 days post-treatment
  • There is an increase in neutrophil function within 4 hours of administering
  • Increase in neutrophil random migration
  • Increase in natural killer cell activity
  • Increase in milk production and a higher quality milk
  • Increase in growth rate in all young meat-producing animals
  • Increase in carcass quality
  • Increase in livability
  • No negative side effects

It is exciting to have these natural products available to you to make a difference in your bottomline! They have been proven to be very cost-effective and have no negative side effects.