Price: $200.00

Even with the best nutrition, the stresses of lactation, gestation and the environment diminish your herd's profitability. Cows use significant amounts of immuno-regulating proteins to fight the stresses and demands they continually face. Additionally, these proteins are continually passed into the milk, further diminishing an optimal state of health. The needs of the calf (colostrum production) also decrease these proteins.

Immu-PRO utilizes the immune communication pathways to promote health and profitability. The proteins provided replenish this constant drain.

Benefits Include:

  • S.C.C. reduced by 30-60%
  • Greatly improved heats and breeding
  • Stronger late lactation production

*Choose from a 5lb. Pail or a 25lb. box in Regular or NON-GMO for the organic farmers