Lamb HealthThe demands of production, reproduction and the environment are never ending for agricultural animals. These stresses continually deplete the proteins that give the immune system the ability to communicate effectively and provide optimal immune function of livestock and working animals.

During his 20 years of veterinary practice, Dr. Richard Cockrum continually searched for preventative tools to reduce the need for treatment of infections and stresses that reduce livestock profitability. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

At this time, bovine colostrum was still only considered a source of antibodies for calves which are born with none. We now know that colostrum contains the full spectrum of immune modulating proteins such as cytokines, chemokines, and proline rich peptides. Immuno-Dynamics also produces nutritional supplements for calves. These proteins are secreted from the bloodstream of the mother immediately prior to birth. They are just as essential to calf health as the antibodies. Additionally, they are necessary for and promote improved immunity and health during the entire lifespan of animals and work identically in all species. Recent research shows that calves that receive quality colostrum at birth are better milk producers as adults.


Utilizing only the best quality first milking colostrum, proprietary processes and strict quality control, Immuno-Dynamics produces products that effectively aid in prevention of disease and fortify the animal during acute stress conditions.

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